Founded over twenty years ago with the basic intention of helping a neighbor or two out with the odd job here or there, however Dan Reade's Mobile Home Services slowly but steadily grew into a local asset to our Santee, CA community. Since the very first day we opened our doors, we’ve placed a very large priority on giving back to our neighbors and we treat every repair, construction, or general service(s) as if we were completing them on our own home.

Currently expanding our service area coverage as well as the actual handyman services we offer, our experts here at Dan Reade's Mobile Home Services convey professionalism and unmatched industry knowledge, regardless in what description our services are recruited for. We currently have a host of clients we are committed to assisting on a regular basis and we always have the capacity to accept additional projects.

By broadening our range of accommodations, our world-class construction services will be available to a larger clientele that is seeking quality services at a very competitive rate. We now proudly offer all-inclusive assistance in the following areas: decks, awnings, kitchens, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, masonry, and any other general handyman services. If you have additional questions regarding pricing, scheduling, or additional services we can be contacted via phone or email here. We look forward to our future together!