With something as crucial to your home as the roof is, having an experienced company on hand to affect maintenance and repairs is a great way to ensure your home is safely and securely covered. Whether you’re in need of minor services, such as a leak repair or siding replacement, or something more extensive such as re-squaring parts of a roof or even a complete replacement, Dan Reade's Mobile Home Services has the industry knowledge and expertise to ensure your home’s roof receives top-notch care from the outset.

Repair - On the surface, a roof doesn’t appear to be too complicated or overly complex. However, upon closer examination, it becomes very apparent that there are a lot of variables and “moving parts” that comprise a roof: framework, eaves, vents, flashing, soffits and fascia. Depending on their placement, material, and function, these parts of your roof will wear out and need replacing in order to maintain the integrity of your home’s roof. To guarantee your repairs are completed on time, up to code, and well within your budget, our seasoned roofing teams are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and by appointment on Saturday and Sunday.

Replacement - Unfortunately, even with the most skilled repairmen using the choicest materials and innovative techniques, it can only prolong the inevitable for so long: a roof eventually needs to be completely upgraded or replaced. If you are unsure whether you’re roof is need of replacing or if a repair may suffice, we encourage you to reach out to us for your complimentary consultation. Our crafty pros are skilled at identifying and isolating problematic areas of your roofing system to guarantee your new roof replacement is seamless and eliminates said problems.





Looking to add some much needed outdoor living space to your home, or want a shady reprieve from our California summers? Look no further! Our licensed professionals Dan Reade's Mobile Home Services offer a variety of construction services focusing on residential houses or mobile homes - we offer world class designs and installation of decks, awnings and just about any exterior structure or addition! Here’s how:

Decking - Whether you want a simple step-up to your house or an elaborate wrap-around that envelops a significant portion of the home, we are your go-to for decking repairs and replacements as well as designs and installation. We alleviate as many potential burdens from the client to not only provide convenience to our customers but to expedite the project as well. Also, while procuring any *materials and permitting requirements, we are adept at adhering to any budgetary guidelines for your decking repair or replacements.

Awnings - Being one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to add outdoor living space to your property, an awning is something every house or mobile home owner should consider. Not only does it lend a very tasteful appeal to your home aesthetically, but it also encourages gatherings and outdoor experiences with your friends and family while providing some much-appreciated shade! Call today to discuss the design and *material options, so we can get your home’s brand new awning started tomorrow!



Accounting for an average of upwards of 300 billion dollars annually in the U.S.A., home renovations and remodels are on many homes' “to-do list” with more increasing each year due to population and economic growth. Taking this into account, the residential communities in the San Diego County region are following suit and upgrading bathrooms and kitchens in order to modernize their homes and these statistics are increasing steadily each year. Dan Reade's Mobile Home Services has been at the forefront of our local remodeling industry in the Santee, California area for over twenty years, and the quality of our renovation services speak for themselves!

Kitchen - The kitchen of any home, be it a house, condo or mobile home, is largely considered the centerpiece of a home and should be serviced as such: inviting yet economical with up-to-date amenities and upgrades. This not only increases the visual allurement of your kitchen and your entire home respectively, but it has also been proven to save your money in the long run with the recent advances in energy-efficient technology! We work hand in hand with you to maximize your budget’s yield while also providing your kitchen remodel with outstanding design and the choicest of materials.

Bathroom - Once widely treated as nothing more than a closet with basic plumbing and rudimentary bathing accommodations, the modern bathroom is something truly amazing to behold. Expansive storage offered by a new hideaway or an upgraded vanity - slip-resistant flooring that adds a fresh look without shirking safety standards - rejuvenate your bathroom with tasteful new hardware - all are excellent examples of remodeling services that can add a contemporary look to your home’s bathroom(s) while also being geared towards optimizing your utility usage! If you are unsure where to begin the process of your bathroom remodels, the process begins here. Call for your cost-free rundown or to schedule your on-site consultation!